Frog Baby Costumes By Tom Arma Is A Comfy & Safe Costume For Tots

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tom arma frog baby infants costumeAs much as adults love fancy dress-up, kids love wearing costumes too. This is the reason why costume parties are becoming more and more popular not only for Halloween but for themed parties and other events as well.

When thinking of a costume for your toddler or infant, it’s wise to consider the fact that kids do love green animals. That said, there can be no better costume for him or her than a Frog Baby Costume by Tom Arma. Since it is designed and made by an expert, you are guaranteed with attractively made, Heirloom quality costumes crafted from the finest materials and fabrics available.

The Tom Arma Baby and Kids Frog Costume is not run of the mill; it is actually one of the brand’s best sellers. Want more? Well, this is an MSN-featured costume so you sure will be so proud to see your little one wearing it. This set includes the following:

• Headpiece – has front Velcro closure and frog eyes with piping and fine embroidery.

• Bodysuit – features back snap closure and is made up of extraordinary baby soft, frog green fabric. A bright orange bib with embroidery markings is attached in front of the bodysuit to make it more attractive.

• Booties – amazingly crafted frog feet in green and bright orange to complement the color of the bodysuit.

Your baby will sure find this frog costume very comfy. Adults will love it too because it is made with painstaking attention to details, so every part and every detail is truly pleasing to the eye.

Since it is one of the Costumes Collections by Tom Arma, you are assured that 100% of the electricity utilized in making this is offset with 100% Green e-Certified Renewable Energy. True, Tom Arma isn’t just concerned on how you’ll look on costume parties; it cares for the environment too.

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